15 Apr 2014

The VGSO has been appointed to represent the State of Victoria in the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry.

The Inquiry was established on 21 March 2014.  Boards of Inquiry have similar powers to those of Royal Commissions.
The members of the Board are:
  • The Honourable Bernard Teague AO (Chairperson);
  • Professor John Charles Catford; and
  • Ms Sonia Annie Petering.
The Terms of Reference for the Board can be found here [insert hyperlink on the word here.
The Board will inquire into the fire which ignited on or about 9 February 2014 and took hold in the Hazelwood Coal Mine.  The fire was brought under control on 25 March 2014.  
In brief, it will examine the origin and circumstances of the fire, the adequacy and effectives of steps taken by the mine operator to prevent and respond to the fire, the adequacy and effectives  of the regulatory regime in place at the mine and the adequacy and effectiveness of the response by emergency services and other relevant government agencies.  
Public consultations have begun and hearings will commence shortly.  Further information can be found here on the Inquiry's homepage.