11 Jul 2012

Please click here to access the VGSO July newsletter on the recent High Court constitutional case Williams v Commonwealth [2012] HCA 23 - a landmark decision for Commonwealth-State financial relations with far-reaching consequences.

The VGSO will present a lunchtime seminar in coming weeks that will cover this decision in more detail, looking at issues such as what this means for State control of education, the 'nationhood' power, the corporations power, State executive power to contract and spend, programs and agreements based on s 96 grants, and particular programs that may be under threat.  Please register your interest in attending such a seminar by emailing ua.vog.civ.osgv28891cb4ab421830acc36b1f5fd6c91e@28891cb4ab421830acc36b1f5fd6c91eeinner.erialc. Feel free to forward this to any of your Victorian government contacts who may be interested in the decision, as they are also welcome to register their interest in the seminar.

For advice about any specific programs that may be affected by the decision, please contact one of the solicitors whose details are set out at the end of the newsletter.

Kind regards

The Marketing team

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