23 Feb 2010

In a landmark ceremony yesterday, three Victorian Government Departments signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with CenITex, the State body established by government to provide ICT services to the Victorian public sector.

The MOUs set out the arrangements under which CenITex will provide ICT services to its government customers. The Victorian Government Solicitors Office played a key role in advising on the legal issues for this transaction and drafting the template MOUs between CenITex and its government customers. Under the Legal Panel arrangements, legal services concerning the relationship between government agencies, including the drafting of MOUs between them is reserved for VGSO.

The MOUs were signed by Peter Blades, CEO CenITex and Deputy Secretaries of Department of Treasury and Finance, Department of Planning and Community Development and the General Manager, Systems and Information Services for the Department of Transport. Mr Blades said “This is a milestone for CenITex and its customers. The VGSO provided valuable support and advice and we look forward to working with DTF, DPCD and DOT in fulfilling their ICT requirements.”