24 May 2018

As you may have heard, Victoria is transitioning to digital property conveyancing and government entities are required to comply with requirements in this regard. 

VGSO has subscribed to PEXA, which is part of the national property registration platform, to enable VGSO to lodge property instruments electronically.

It is now mandatory that certain land registry documents be completed and lodged using PEXA, including; 

  • Caveats;

  • Withdrawals of Caveats;

  • Mortgages; and

  • Discharges of Mortgage.

The types of documents that must be lodged via PEXA will progressively increase and by 1 August 2019 Land Use Victoria requires that all property settlements be done electronically.

Land Use Victoria are in the process of converting all titles held by Government departments to electronic titles and noting the Government department as the controller of title.

When dealing with electronic Certificates of Title (eCT), the eCT controller is required to effect a transfer of control of the title from the Government department to the PEXA subscriber who is handling the transaction.  While Government departments have electronic control of the title, they cannot transact electronically unless they are a PEXA Subscriber.  

VGSO has successfully completed a number of PEXA transactions and can assist Government departments with registration of all transactions available in PEXA, including the transfer or nomination of eCTs to effect registration of instruments.

Please contact one of our Property Team for further assistance on digital property conveyancing.