Principal Solicitor
Attorney at Law Sri Lanka admitted to practice in Victoria

Current practice

Bakthi’s practice focuses on commercial and IT projects. She advises on a broad range of commercial, technology and intellectual property contracts.  Bakthi advises on all aspects of government procurement from the preparation of tender documentation to the evaluation of responses and the negotiation of contracts.

Bakthi’s areas of expertise include advising government on contract management and matters relating to transition from one service provider to another particularly on large public private partnerships projects.


Bakthi has worked on a number of Partnerships Victoria Projects including the Fulham Correctional Centre Contract Extension and Port Phillip Prison Contract Extension projects for the provision of maintenance and operations including custodial services at these prisons and the Emergency Alerting Systems and Mobile Data Network projects which dealt with the provision of the communications systems to the emergency services organisations.  She has also worked on other large government outsourcing projects including the Traffic Camera Services, Infringement Management Services and the Myki public transport ticketing projects. 

Bakthi was seconded on a full time basis to support the project management teams on several of these projects and brings the experience gained and lessons learnt on these projects to implement practical solutions to protect the interests of the State.