Principal Solicitor
LLB (Hons)

Current Practice

Jennifer practises in the Compliance Enforcement and Prosecutions team, undertaking various complex criminal investigations, high volume summary prosecutions and appeals, for a number of government departments and statutory authorities in connection with diverse regulatory offences.
As part of criminal investigations, Jennifer collates evidence, interviews suspects, takes witness statements and advises clients on the prospects of success in the relevant prosecution and on other related matters such as investigative powers and admissibility of evidence.  Jennifer has appeared before the Supreme Court to seek warrants under the Surveillance Devices Act 1999.  She has developed a depth of experience in all aspects of criminal procedure across a range of jurisdictions.  For any prosecution, she is able to assist clients with filing charges, drafting Summaries of Offences, compiling Prosecution Briefs of Evidence, managing all aspects of complex litigation, and appearing as a solicitor-advocate in all administrative and substantive stages of criminal proceedings (including summary case conferences, mentions, pleas, contest mentions, contest hearings and appeals) in all court venues.  In 2017, Jennifer managed the large scale prosecution of several hundred Accused persons for failing to vote.  As part of that project, she trained and supervised a team of 20 VGSO solicitors to draft Briefs of Evidence and to appear at Magistrates' Court venues, with Jennifer managing service on all Accused, overseeing court listings, reporting to the client, and appearing herself in all contest hearings.
In addition to her prosecution practice, Jennifer regularly acts for clients in reviews of administrative decisions in VCAT, predominantly in connection with the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996.  This includes provision of s 49 statements, appearing at directions hearings, appearing in applications to remit to different decision-maker, settling any Statement of Legal Contentions and briefing Counsel (client's preference) to appear at hearings.


Since joining the VGSO in January 2010, Jennifer has enhanced her skills by undertaking secondments at VBA, TSC (now CPVV) and Corrections Victoria.  She was one of the presenters in recently delivering VGSO's specialised training package on investigations and evidence.  She has also created procedure manuals and precedents for general prosecutions and also for specialist prosecutions, including failing to vote in the 2016 Council elections and the 2018 State election and breaches of supervision orders by serious sex offenders (prior to the enactment of the Serious Offenders Act 2018).
Jennifer is originally from Northern Ireland and qualified as a solicitor in September 2000 before emigrating to Australia in December 2005.  As well as being experienced in criminal law, she has previously appeared in numerous civil litigation matters in the County Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Federal Court and VCAT (and their equivalents in Northern Ireland and in England).